Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hills - #2 .. big surprise, there was snow and COLD

3 hill repeats tonight for a total of 7km. We just did a run to the top of the hill instead of our usual 15 min warm up as it was too slippery to run on the sidewalk. The road inself was actually in pretty good shape as they had salted it early in the afternoon. It still was a challenge as it was -20 degrees and it had just finished snowing when we got there. We have an amazing run club as we had 5 spotters out on the route at the various corners in the run to warn of us oncoming cars....or in my case at one point, a SNOWPLOW! Seriously, worrying about where to get out of the way while you are running as a snowplow is heading for you. Our spotters also give us amazing support and encouragement along the run. We also get hot chocolate at the end. It tastes like liquid gold by the end.
Overall, I felt ok and did a bit better than last week. I still have to do some walking at various points but at least I feel like I am making some improvements.
Tomorrow is Yoga day. Instead of the gym, I put together a basic routine to do at home instead:
  • Push ups - floor and on the ball
  • tricep dips
  • planks - front and side
  • squats - sumo and ballet
  • wall sits
Kicking it old school with this routine. If we had a rope ladder, I'd try to climb it.


Sara said...

you ran on Tuesday? Wow you are brave. Even if I belonged to a run club I'd probably stay home!

Mon said...

You have my complete respect already because you run (I just can't bring myself to enjoy it!) but you've doubled the respect by how cold it was and you still ran!

Go you!

Linda said...

Stopping by to fellow A Teamers to show support...I'm struggling right now but I'm hoping reading the A-Team blogs will help me out. Hope you're kicking a$$ and taking names!

"The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!" By Marvin Phillips