Thursday, February 5, 2009

Last night of hill training...and guess what??

It was -25 degrees! Big surprise. Next week when we don't have them, it will probably be nice. I am so grateful and thankful to the 6 people from our club who acted as spotters for us on our route. The road was seriously busy and there is no way I would have done that route on my own.
I could only manage 3 full repeats as my leg (psoas) was bothering me by the end. It seems like I can get through 5 km ok but then it really starts to hurt. I have no 'off' button right now as I am paranoid about missing a training run or mileage. I have another ART appointment this afternoon so I need to get more info from him as to if I should keep running, take time off etc. I did do yoga last night that focused on psoas, IT band etc. and that felt pretty good so I am going to keep with that.
Bye Bye Hills.....until next time I am feeling masochistic.


Sara said...

I can't believe you ran last night. You are my hero!

Sarah said...

That is awesome!! -25! I don't think I could do that, you are a trooper!