Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wee-Hoo, What a Run!

After a seriously painful ART session, I went out for our group tempo run.  It was one of the best ones I have had yet.  I kept almost the same pace for the whole 6.5km ... and a pretty fast pace as well.  It is amazing what you can do when you can actually have full range of motion in your hip flexors.  The nice weather also helped but yet again I didn't trust it was was overdressed. I am a slow learner as far as this goes apparently. 
ART was really painful.  He was finally able to get at the actual nerve in my hip area and went to work on it.  Even he knew how much it would hurt and he usually just tells me to suck it up.  (in a good way of course)  I will not take this for granted and will keep on icing and stretching as much as possible.  The Chilly Half Marathon will be more of a training run I fear but that is ok.  I will give it my all and my best - I can't ask for more than that at this point. 

 - if you didn't tear up when Dane cried at the end of BL last night, I pity your black, black heart.


Sarah said...

Hope your hip starts to feel better soon. I missed when Dane cried!?! I thought I saw the whole thing. Always a good watch though.

Sara said...

last night was a tear jerker for sure!

Running last night was just the best huh? Glad you had an awesome one!