Monday, February 9, 2009

With running, sometimes you take what you can....

My hip is still bothering me but I am going everything I can to help it including:
  • stretching
  • icing
  • using evil things like foam roallers to loosen my IT bands
  • knowing when to say: "this run is done".
This is a big thing for me. I am so in the mindset of ensuring I get the mileage in that I will push and push to the point where it is no longer a quality run but just slogging along.
Sunday was supposed to be a 21km lsd. I spent every walk break (10 min running, 1 min walking) going into an IT band stretch and into a 'fencer's stretch' for both legs. I did some funny looks from the cars along Lakeshore Road but I don't care anymore. It helped to keep it as loose as it can be right now but there was still pain. I made the turn at 10km and actually started to feel a bit better. It was finally a nice day (though a bit of black ice) and other than my leg I feel good. At 15km, I could hear my feet starting to scuff as I ran and I knew that my form was way off so I decided to call it a day. I was disappointed but it was the smart thing to do.

In the words of Homer J Simpson: "I am so smart - S.M.R.T...I mean S.M.A.R.T."

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Sara said...

Stopping the run is better than not running the half! Good choice!