Monday, March 30, 2009

Around the Bay Relay - Race Report at least it wasn't snowy and sub zero temperatures. But it was rained the entire 15km leg of my part of the relay. I am not made of sugar but man that was a lot of rain.
The Around the Bay was a great race - I can see what many of our run club do it year after year and say it is a favorite of theirs. It is a tough course, you have a huge variety within the course itself and it is well organized. The expo was good - different vendors etc. and race pickup was easy and organized. The volunteers rock like most races I have been too. I cannot imagine having to have set up the course in the pouring rain like they did.
I felt pretty good considering I ran in a garbage bag for the first 10km - seriously. I had what I thought was enough layers but I was soaked through so I heeded my running buddies advice and took refuge in adding a garbage layer for a bit. I also got caught at the train located just before the 10km mark so I lost a few minutes there. The husband rocked his portion of the run - 5 min/km for the last 15km which is rolling hills and was windy. Of course it didn't rain on him....hmmm....

Would I do it again? Absolutely except next time I am doing the full 30km.

Sign posted by my family-in-law for me and my cousin-in-law who also runs in our group:

Me looking like I don't mind the rain:


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Hi Laura, thanks for stopping by my blog. ATB is definitely my favorite race, even in the rain! It was a tough day out there but you got it done =)

Congrats to you and your hubby!