Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Race Report - Chilly Half Marathon Burlington

Well, I knew realistically that this would not be a "race" for me since I was still suffering from my wicked cold from the week before. I was still hoping that I could dig deep and pull out a good run which I did for about 15km. After a huge coughing fit just after the 15km mark, I really started to slow down...and get slower and slower and really struggled the last few kms.
  • overall the weather was good. We had the wind at us for the first 5km or so but not a whole lot for the rest of the race. I was almost too warm for the last 7km....
  • support of my run club and husband - they seriously rock! Everyone cheered me on and gave me congrats even though I felt disappointed. Many were surprised I even ran seeing as how sick I was prior to the race.
  • the first 15km was actually a good pace for me so I am happy with that and will use this to improve upon for the ATB relay that happens at the end of March.
  • the event itself is really well organized, the volunteers FANTASTIC , great aid stations and a nice course as well. It was nice to have a area in City Hall where we could change after the race.
  • Thanks to the spectators who cheered us on...it meant a lot.
  • NEVER use the first porta - potty stop on the course. I lost over 5 min waiting when I could have easily made it to the next one where there was no one waiting. Duh.
  • coughing fit at the 15km mark. Thought I was going to toss up my gel at one point.
  • Hip was a bit bothersome around 17km so I need to ensure this is loosened up.
  • Newbie runners - Don't run/walk 4 across! It makes it difficult to get around you.
I did get some nice bling.....


Krista said...

You freakin rock! Way to go (even though you were still battling your cold)!

Sara said...

You should be very proud of yourself! That takes guts running when you are really sick, especially a half marathon! Congrats on finishing the race!!

Chris - My Fit Fight said...

Thanks for the great race report! Congrats