Monday, July 27, 2009

Keeping fingers crossed after another great run

Yesterday's 11km group run was ....great. The rain held off until everyone finished and though it was humid, it was still nice to be out after having done my Wed and Friday runs in the basement of a New York hotel.
My running buddy was sick so I ran on my own which to be honest was just what I needed. I wasn't feeling very chatty yesterday morning so I just headed out on my own and enjoyed every minute out there. It was my fastest and most consistent run to date. I know this is an LSD run but I wasn't pushing so hard that I couldn't sustain it and my heart rate overall stayed in the 130's. (the nice thing about starting to run faster - more calories burned...more breakfast that can be consumed...mmmm...)

Running overall has been really good of late, hence why I am crossing my fingers. Not to be pessimistic but I keep feeling like it is just going to crash. I am sure there will be bad days so I am going to revel in how well I feel I have been doing. It also doesn't hurt that I had people from my group comment on how 'speedy' I was getting. Guess my Garmin isn't broke like I thought it was when I looked up my lap times. :)

Hill training starts this week - I am hearing rumours it involves 1) running up a hill 2) running up stairs 3) running a loop and repeating on the way down for 1 circuit.
Fun? WOW!

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Brian said...

Be optimistic, your runs will go much better that way. Keep the quality runs coming!!