Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pushing It on Canada Day

Last night was a 60 min tempo run. After Tuesday night's awesome run, I really didn't think I would be able to bust out a run of the same pace for a full 60 minutes - never have been able to do that before.
I managed an overall time of 1 second faster per km. Go hurt a few times, not going to lie but I was really happy to have managed to be faster for a longer distance. I even eeked out a 6:27/km pace at one point. (I actually thought my Garmin was broken but it isn't..I just rocked at that point)
I know this isnt' fast for you speed demons but for me, it is.
Distance: 8.7 km, time: 56 min.
Apres run, I did Amy's Whittle your Middle workout as part of the Week 1 challenge. This basically put me over the edge and I was officially cooked for the day.

Sleep has not been good of late. I am sure some of it is getting used to exercising later and not really eating dinner until approx. 8:30pm. I am wiped though. I certainly feel tired at night but I wake up a lot through the night and am almost wide awake during these times.
Sad that I am excited that I can sleep in on Saturday until 8am.

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Fatinah said...

sounds like a great run!