Monday, December 6, 2010

I refuse to complain about Winter

…cause it is only the beginning of Dec….

and I live in Canada and we get Winter here…..

and if I start now….it will be a long few months.  So you make the best of it…and it you are the hubs, wear a masculine toque while driving:

Picture 026

Having said that, there was a lot of chilliness on this weekend’s run.  Sat was a fast 9km that wasn’t bad but not great.  Sunday, I ran the 4km to the clinic and then did 10km with our group.  Overall it was a good run but the last 3km were right into the wind and cold.  There wasn’t a lot of chatting by that point. 

The highlight as far as running goes this weekend was getting some of the swag from the upcoming Boxing Day 10 miler.  (apparently you could get your swag but not the bib and chip – those are race day only…..I don’t get it either)

Sa-Weet gloves:

Picture 454

Impressive tech t-shirt – the middle has a thin fleece layer that is quite nice:

Picture 455

These will go great with the medals they give out:

Picture 362

Last year we got Gaitors with snowmen on them. 

Do you know what Gaitors are?  I didn’t but if we get the amount of snow they are calling for this year, they will come in handy.  Pic to follow on Friday’s post.


Johann said...

I'm enjoying all the snow and winter posts. You are brave to run in that cold. I suppose if the wind doesn't blow it's not too bad. I have gaitors but only for stones and sand.

Aneta said...

im contemplating doing this race!
i read really good things and the swag is awesome.
the weather can be soooo tricky around that time tho.

have you done it before?

Lisa said...

I love that shirt!!

My gaitors are for trail running, not snow.

Robin said...

Ooo nice swag indeed!

Emz said...


I truly could not run in the conditions you run in. Love the medal.

SOOOOOOOOOOO many people ran in Gaitors in the 50 mile race I did. I DIDN'T thinkin' I might next time. ;)

Marlene said...

Cute mittens!! Odd that you could pick those (only) up early.

Winter... I'm really trying to embrace it. REALLY trying.

(it's not working)

H-woman said...

I know I live in Canada. I know it gets cold here. But really, -30 (and colder) for a week in November makes me incredibly glad I've been training for a marathon in Hawaii!!

Love the mittens!
H =)

lish said...

Great job on the runs!! I wish I was able to do that race...I love the mitts and shirt!

Amy said...

I feel like I need to take the title of your post, sharpie it onto my hand, and read it regularly. Thanks for the reminder!

Good job on all the running in the cold stuff this weekend!

freak4fitness said...

THANK YOU for being the only adult (it seems) about winter & not complaining!!! Especially from an injured runner's point of view :)

Bethany + Ryan said...

i want that medal!!

Meg said...

What a cute medal. Our medals around here have palm trees and suns, I'd welcome the cute polar bears but not the snow!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Love the shirt! You Canadians are tough when it comes to winter!