Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Recap

See ya April…you and your crappy weather will not be missed.

Km ran:  225

Yoga classes:  13

Favourite  April workout:   Though the weather was cruddy, I had some pretty good runs this month.  Our 36.4 km training run was tough but for me one of my best ones yet.  Plus we had friends over for food, wine and golf which is a recovery bonus in my books.


Favourite race/run:   The hubs and I and some friends ran the Mercedes Benz 10km race April 21st.  PBs for both of us and some sweet medals.


Current reads:  Finally got some ‘easy’ reading in while on vacay.


Current shame inducing guilty pleasure:   Right after our 10km race, we went to Arizona for a week.  It was awesome.  We still did our training but there was also food, drinks and pool time.  It was my bday week after all….







Current song:

Current Wish list:  I always dedicate my yoga practices to my family, friends and hubs to be safe, happy and healthy.  This little spot is for me to be selfish and wish for a PB for me on Sunday.



Current bane of my existence:  Believing in my training for Sunday’s festivities.  (see below)

Favourite recipe:  White beans, kale, lemon juice, S&P and garlic sauteed together and served with….whatever.  Rice, crusty bread, on its own. 

Current excitement/freak out:  Nothing much…just a really long run I am doing on Sunday.


Whose racing this weekend? 


H-woman said...

OMG, I live that race sign!! And the Mercedes medals are pretty freaking cool.


Robin said...

Great month Laura! Good luck on Sunday. Wish you were in Mississauga so we could finally meet :). Can't wait to hear all about it though...knock 'em dead. You're having a great season.

Lisa said...

Nice job in April. Have a good race this weekend. I'm doing a 10K, so yeah, I'm racing too!

Sam said...

Good luck on Sunday Laura! I'll be thinking of you guys while we're out in Mississauga! Those Mercedes medals were the sole reason that my son agreed to run that 10K with me. LOL They are pretty nice. Nice job this month!!

Johann said...

A good April for you indeed. Those are cool medals! All the best for Sunday, you will do great. I'm running a 32km race on Sunday but will be taking it slow and easy.

ajh said...

Love those medals. I'm doing a half this weekend -slowly!

Andrea said...

Good luck on Sunday! Are you running the half or the full?