Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Life Update – we are outnumbered again

When we lost Moe I really didn’t want to get another pet.  Yes it meant that our remaining cat was alone but I didn’t really relish the idea of going through the whole kitten thing again etc.  
As usual, the hubs had other ideas and sometimes arguing isn’t worth it.  (I kid…not really.)  So the Friday before the marathon, these two twerps came home:
PreM play
M is the light coloured one, Pre the other.  (Guess the ‘origin’ of their names…win a prize?)
The eldest 4 legged resident, Goose, wasn’t real pleased about it.  He is coming around but I still think he hopes a black hole will open up and swallow them. 
I forgot how….fun…kittens are.  There is a lot of serious running around going on and friggin’ cat toys everywhere.  (they were given to us from the person we got them from)  The conversation in the house is a lot of:
  • “where is M/Pre/Goose?”
  • ‘Don’t go in there / Get out of there!!”
  • “Don’t jump on me!”  (I’ve been used as a climbing post 5 times to date)
  • “You guys are hunger again?!”
  • “Be quiet or you will wake them up!”
We have a giant ‘bed’ for them and yet they insist on squishing into the small one. 
As you can see, Pre is the most mellow fellow thus far with little modesty.
So yet again, the humans are outnumbered.  If I could get ANY of them to use a vaccum, my life would be complete.


Sam said...

Super cute Laura! I'm a dog person myself but I can admire the cats from afar. :o) I have to assume Pre is for Steve Prefontaine. M.... maybe Mo Farah? Who's Goose for? Like Top Gun? LOL

Amy said...

Cute! It is hard not to fall in love with new baby animals. I knew I was not going to win the fight when the BF sent the first photos of Cookie either. Pre(fontaine)? M as in James Bond?

Robin said...

So cute...love kittens! I agree with Sam on the Pre, not sure about the M. Goose is a good guess too by Sam...

ajh said...

OH man you didn't want kittens? I love kittens. Look how cute they are in that bed. We are out numbered here too!

Lisa said...

At least they get along! My two cats barely tolerate each other

Jim ... 50after40 said...

We're dog people. Cats are just a mystery to me. I'm pretty sure they're smarter than me, and they know it. I don't know if I could ever live with that arrogance. But animals add so much to our lives.

Cynthia said...

So cute! I love your cats :)

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