Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Muise-ings

  • The ‘great’ cat integration continues to roll along.  My toes, hair, legs, clothing, hands etc. remain the most fun toys ever to play with.  We are slowly opening up various parts of the house to them.  Yesterday was the upstairs bathroom.  Who need a 2 piece shower curtain could be 
  • The neighborhood squirrels and birds are the best things ever as they keep these guys occupied so I can actually put things away and not just throw stuff into closets and quickly slam the door behind me.
  • My next training plan starts today…with a rest day.  That’s how I like the kick things off.
  • So far racing this summer will be:
  • Yes…another marathon.  Ooofffff…
  • My new bracelet came last week.  I’m an accessory fool right now.
photo (14)
So….what’s new with you?


ajh said...

Love your cats. You probably said and I missed it. Are they only indoor cats?

Mari said...

Love the bracelet!! You already know how much I love the munchkins.

Lisa said...

Cats watching squirrels through the glass's like they're watching tv!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

That's funny about the cats being entertained by the birds, squirrels, etc - they occupy our dog's time too. And that cracked me up that your training plan started with a Rest Day - I must be starting a new training plan today too. Have a good week.

Robin said...

Nice bracelet! Great schedule and love that you are doing another marathon!

Johann said...

Love the cats and squirrels pic! Yay for the marathon! Not much new on my side, but my trail season started and that makes me very happy!

Anabela (Bela) Neves said...

LOL...your cats look very well entertained!

I will see you at Downtown Dash, but I am just doing the 5K, did the 10K last year but I am not a fan of double loops so I will try the 5K this year!

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Paul Steve said...

Love your Cats....

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