Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May Recap

(how is it June 5th already???)
KM Ran:  160
Yoga classes:  14
Favorite May workout:  Two friends and I ended May with a bang and ran stair repeats at Chedoke.  Because we are sooooooo smart, we went balls out after not having done all out stair repeats…ever.  My calves are still slightly sore…..
Favorite race/runDuh
Current reads:  I caved and bought the new Dan Brown book Inferno.  So far…I hate it.
Current shame inducing guilty pleasure:  I wasn’t going to cave but I bought a pair of the Oiselle long roga shorts.  I love them.  Damn…
Current song:

Current Wish List:  for my breathing to smarten up.  (see below)
Current Bane of my existence:  my breathing of late is the pits.  I know that I have some seasonal allergies and have a cat allergy but I think there is something else going on.  I was tested for asthma years ago which came back negative.  I caved and went to the doctor’s yesterday so we are going to do a combo of inhaler/nasal spray reguarly for a few weeks to see if this helps.  Fingers crossed…I sound like a pack a day smoker on some workouts.
Favorite recipe:  Sweet potato and black bean paninis were the hit of the month at our house:
  • Sautee frozed cubed sweet potato with black beans.  Add in garlic, lime juice, cumin, chili powder and cilantro.   Scoop into wraps and grill with cheese.  I served these with heaps of homemade guacamole
Current excitement/freak out:  I’m racing my first 5km in forever Sat night.  (we don’t even start until 9pm)  This is past my Sat night bedtime so the goal is to not fall asleep before the finish line. 
NEW!  Phrase/Saying of the month:   “these cats are from hell”

What’s your phrase/saying of the day?


Johann said...

Nice May, well done! That super huge medal is so cool! Saying for tody: Keep it going!

Robin said...

Great Month! Hope the breathing improves.

ajh said...

Racing at night would not be my cup of tea. Did you like the other Dan Brown books? Are you sticking with it?

Mari said...

What's the next brilliant move we can come up with? Hope the breathing improves. I just thought you were channeling your yogic breathing :)

Anabela (Bela) Neves said...

I still can't get over how big that medal is! Great month!

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